Which is Worse…Voting Blindly or Not Voting at All?

voting without knowledgeLast week’s Question Du Jour, posed more precisely, was:  Which is worse; folks who vote without knowing the candidates and their platforms, or folks who don’t vote at all?

And, it elicited a ton of responses. Here’s just a few:

Scott Birkhead responded:

I’d vote for people who vote, but haven’t done any original research…although as much as I hear people complain about ugly, poorly informed attack ads and phone calls, to then go cast votes based on them is pretty cynical. Normally I’m in favor of cynicism, but not in this case

And this from Dale McNeil:

Tough one Terri.  My view is the folks who don’t vote at all are worse. Some assume that their candidate is going to get in no problem & one vote won’t sway it. If a number of people think that way then there is a huge problem.

Those who don’t vote better not complain. They are doing themselves and the country a huge injustice by not voting.

Finally, from Wise A. Skillman, veteran US Army Captain:

Being an Army veteran I take our duty to vote very seriously.   I hear so many people complain but when I ask them if they voted in the last election, usually the answer is no.   I tell them that if they didn’t bother to vote, then, they have no right to complain about what they get.

I would rather you do your patriotic duty, as I see it (i.e. it’s the least 1 can do to live in the freest nation in the world), and vote whether you understand all the issues or not.   At least it shows you care and understand part of what makes this Nation Great.

God Bless all our veterans, law enforcement & firefighters.

So, what do you think?  Let us know!


One response to “Which is Worse…Voting Blindly or Not Voting at All?

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